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SEC Makes Meaningful Changes to Help Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and Growing Businesses Raise Money

| November 15, 2020 | Articles

By Brad H. Hamilton and Marika Rietsema Ball. On November 2, 2020 the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) made several helpful changes to its securities private placement and “Reg A” regulatory scheme that will assist start-ups, and small and growing businesses in offering securities and raising money from investors. The SEC also made practical… Read more »

Seven Key Factors for Family Business Survival

| November 11, 2020 | Articles

By Dave Thayer, originally featured in Wealth Management. The generational transition of a family-owned business is rarely a clean and simple process, and not all businesses succeed. Learn about how to increase the odds by addressing key factors for family business survival. The generational transition of a family-owned business is rarely a clean and simple… Read more »

SEC Proposes Order to Allow “Finders” in Private Offerings

| October 15, 2020 | Articles

By Reid Godbolt. On October 7, 2020, the Securities and Exchange Commission voted to propose a new limited, conditional exemption from broker registration requirements for “finders” who assist small business issuers in private offerings to “accredited investors.” In seeking to ensure that the “finder” concept will be within the small capital raising context, the proposed… Read more »

OSHA Complaints Rising in 2020

| October 15, 2020 | Articles

No company wants an on-site investigation or a citation from the federal government. Before either occurs, the employer will have an opportunity to respond to a complaint. Take preventative action now and know how to respond to a notice. By Larry Lee The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is on high alert and aggressively… Read more »

Contract Exculpatory Provisions In The Time Of Covid

| October 09, 2020 | Articles

Force Majeure, impossibility, impracticality, frustration of purpose, and other contract hot button issues, as presented by Brad Hamilton for the CBA Business Law Institute. By Brad Hamilton 1. FORCE MAJEURE force majeure (fors ma-zhər) [Law French “a superior force”] (1883) An event or effect that can be neither anticipated nor controlled; esp., an unexpected event… Read more »

The Optimized CLAT: A Compelling Income Tax Deduction Vehicle Hiding In Plain Sight

| September 02, 2020 | Articles

In a year in which charities fear donations will be down, charitable lead annuity trusts (CLATs) encourage gifting to charities and provide generous wealth transfer benefits. By leveraging the current all-time low 7520 rate and using an Optimized CLAT, charitably inclined clients have a unique opportunity to eliminate annual income taxes, provide for charity, and transfer enormous wealth, free of gift and estate taxes.