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International Business Transactions

Attorneys at Jones & Keller have extensive international legal and business experience, providing services to American clients doing business overseas, and international clients doing business in the U.S. and abroad. Our attorneys have extensive experience crafting business transactions in Canada, Europe (particularly the United Kingdom, Sweden and other parts of Western Europe), Australia, Asia, Africa, South America and the countries of the former Soviet Union. Our US inbound legal services make the US border more transparent for foreign companies and investors seeking to do business or who own assets in the US. Our lawyers understand the value of patience, communication and education in the international business process. Multi-cultural business arrangements often require sensitive analysis of a variety of uncommon factors, specific to the cultures involved. Our attorneys work efficiently and seamlessly with their counterparts in foreign nations, as may be necessary, to provide maximum value to our clients.

We help our U.S. clients pursue their business goals in international markets worldwide. Our international clients include international mining companies, oil and gas companies, power projects, manufacturing companies, technology companies, multinational trading companies, financial institutions, foreign governments, trade associations and individuals. To provide just a few examples, we have helped our US outbound clients to establish oil & gas facilities in South Africa, food processing facilities in Siberia, charter a bank in Russia, enact a mining law in Mongolia, build a concentrator in Spain, quarry quartz in Australia, distribute packaging products across Europe and negotiate infrastructure and procurement contracts in China. In connection with our US inbound legal services, we have helped numerous foreign companies establish or grow their presence in the United States, put in place US-foreign intercompany agreements, hire US employees, protect foreign-owned IP, and assist in other cross-border legal planning, all of which allows our foreign clients to focus on growing their US operations and increasing US profit.