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Private Wealth Planning and Administration

The Private Wealth Planning and Administration practice at Jones & Keller is dedicated to safeguarding your wealth, ensuring the well-being of your loved ones, and realizing your legacy aspirations. Our priority is creating and executing estate plans that protect and efficiently distribute your wealth in accordance with your wishes.

We provide personalized strategies and legal instruments for managing, distributing and protecting your assets the way you want in life and after death. Through wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and more, we put in place the legal structures for executing your wishes concerning your property and personal affairs, while minimizing the potential for family disputes or litigation.

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We know clients are weary of attorneys “overcomplicating” their situation. That is why an efficient estate plan with Jones & Keller, at its core, is generally simple. Layers of complexity burden to our clients. This could include minimizing tax ramifications and family conflict in advance of a need for managing and disposing of property in life and after death.


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Our first step with new clients is to learn about your needs and objectives. Download the questionnaire here and contact us for next steps.

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