Natural Resources

Electric Power Generation

Jones & Keller represents clients in the development and project financing of power generation and transmission facilities worldwide. We have been owner’s counsel for the design, engineering, procurement and construction of coal-fired electricity generating plants both in the United States and abroad, and our attorneys have experience in nuclear fuels trading and sales contract negotiation and drafting.

Mining, Mineral Processing and Finance

Jones & Keller lawyers have represented exploration, development and production companies in gold, copper, uranium, nickel, coal, iron, diamonds and silver. Our experience includes helping our clients spread their risk and increase the probability of success through the negotiation, drafting and implementation of joint ventures, farm-ins, options and public and private equity and debt financing. We have extensive experience in all aspects of exploration and mining transactions, including exploration, mine development, construction, royalties, production off-take, smelting, project financing, price hedging and other commodity price protection agreements. Our lawyers have helped their clients negotiate and finalize exploration and mining agreements with foreign governments, and have been instrumental in the drafting and enactment of exploration and mining laws in a developing country. Our attorneys have represented mining and natural resource investment funds in a wide variety of mining finance transactions, including non-recourse project financing, gold loans, gold price hedging and production and smelter royalties.

Oil and Gas Transactions and Finance

Jones & Keller attorneys represent oil and gas companies and individual owners of oil and gas interests in a myriad of transactions including, formation, drafting and negotiating related agreements, structuring entities and transaction, operations, mergers, acquisitions, leasing, financing, and raising capital. We have assisted clients in transactions throughout the western United States, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Mozambique, Morocco, New Zealand and Indian Country.

We also represent our oil and gas clients in the litigation and resolution of disputes surrounding their interests. For example, we pursue and defend oil and gas liens and operator’s liens on behalf of our clients as well as the litigation of the obligations of operators and non-operators under joint operating agreements.

Our clients include working interest owners, royalty owners, land owners, operators, refineries, pipeline operators, oil and gas producers, major oilfield service and supply companies, and mining exploration and development companies.

The firm’s experience in the oil and natural gas area is also complemented by lawyers who have significant and varied experience representing oil and gas companies before of the Colorado Public Utilities Commission and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. For more information on the firm’s regulatory, Indian Law, and litigation services provided to its oil and gas clients, see the Transportation, Utilities and Aviation, Indian Law and Litigation practice descriptions.