Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Jones & Keller provides legal services with respect to the development, registration, licensing, distribution, financing and acquisition of all types of intellectual property. Our intellectual property lawyers help our clients with legal issues relating to trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets and licensing of intellectual property, information, and know-how. Our clients range from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, and cover a wide range of technologies including telecommunications, streaming media, software development, finance, advertising, distribution, internet business and e-commerce.

Our expertise includes:


Jones & Keller advises its clients on registration, protection, enforcement and licensing of copyrights, as well as the use and distribution of copyrighted works. We also advise clients on open-source software licensing, including compliance with open-source licenses and initiation of open-source projects.


Jones & Keller provides legal services related to evaluation, selection, registration, licensing and enforcement of trademarks, service marks, and trade names, and we help our clients defend their marks from claims of infringement. Our lawyers file and prosecute federal, state, and foreign applications for trademark and service mark registration, and advise on selection and use of strong and defensible marks, as well as proper use and protection of brands and names. We also prosecute and defend opposition and cancellation proceedings in the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

Licensing & Technology Transactions

Jones & Keller provides advice and assistance with licensing, assignment and acquisition of patent, trademark, copyright and other intellectual property rights, both domestic and international. While we do not prosecute patent registrations, we help our clients select and manage experienced patent practitioners. We also assist clients in formulating joint ventures, as well as with agreements with independent contractors and customers, related to the development, marketing and distribution of technology and know-how.

Proprietary Information & Trade Secrets

Confidential information and trade secrets can be a company’s most valuable asset. The firm helps its clients protect their trade secrets, and to identify and protect proprietary and confidential information. We prepare and negotiate confidentiality policies, non-disclosure agreements, trade secret related non-compete agreements, and work-for-hire and invention and assignment agreements.