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Women in Law with Judge Alia Moses and Nicole Westbrook

September 03, 2020
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What I will say, though, about women that are in law now, or starting out as maybe junior associates or trying to move up the ranks, maybe just coming out of law school, is that they have a lot of choices and a lot of potential. It’s an industry that is built on the backs of really fascinating women, such as Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, whose first job as a lawyer was a receptionist at a law firm. People have fought their way up–women on the bench and women on the bar–where now you do have women walking in and being hired by law firms, for example, and they do have a little more respect than what they would have 20 years ago, 40 years ago. [These women] are able to come in and have more options, they are able to come in and look to more female senior mentors and know what is possible.”

Nicole Westbrook, May the Record Reflect, Women in Law, with Judge Alia Moses and Nicole Westbrook

In this month’s May the Record Reflect, the monthly podcast of the National Institute for Trial Advocacy, U.S. Federal Judge Alia Moses and Jones & Keller commercial litigator Nicole Westbrook joined moderator Marcy Buckmelter to discuss women in law. Tune in at  to hear a shared passion for the law forged in their respective career paths. Judge Moses and Ms. Westbrook offer guidance for navigating the personal and professional perils common to the practice of law.

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May the Record Reflect

About the Featured Guests

Judge Moses is the first woman federal judge in history to be seated on the federal bench for the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas. Westbrook’s litigation practice at Jones and Keller is focused on complex commercial law; she got her start as a law clerk for Judge Moses.