Healthcare Employment


The business of healthcare is never more apparent than when a healthcare provider hires employees.   Hiring employees creates an entirely different set of issues for doctors, dentists and other practitioners.  In a healthcare practice, the recruitment, hiring, training, retention and termination of employees must be conducted in compliance with not only general business standards, but healthcare standards and regulations as well.  Healthcare employees often have access to controlled substances as well as a patient’s personal and highly regulated medical records.

At Jones & Keller, members of our healthcare practice help providers and practices negotiate employment and separation agreements; comply with human resources laws and regulations; and respond to enforcement issues under state and federal Equal Employment Opportunity Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, and other employment laws and regulations.

We assist our clients with the creation of employee handbooks to serve as a complete record of the employer’s policies and procedures.  We also help providers design and implement employee benefits and welfare benefits plans for their valued employees.

Our attorneys are experienced in assisting doctors and dentists in leaving the practice of medicine and dentistry either at the end of a career or after becoming disabled.  We also represent clients in the full range of disputes that can result from the employment relationship – including claims for welfare benefits under ERISA, and employment discrimination claims.

Our healthcare law group includes attorneys who have served as the Director of the Colorado Division of Labor, the Deputy Director of the Department of Labor and Employment, and the Director of the Division of Employment and Training; an assistant Attorney General in charge of the Labor and Civil Rights Unit; an assistant attorney general in the Labor/Civil Rights and Litigation sections.

Employment Contracts and Non-compete Agreements

The relationship between a doctors and physician practice groups is typically covered by an employment contract. Most of these contracts include “non-compete” agreements designed to restrict a physician from practicing within a geographic area for a set number of years after the employment contract is terminated. Colorado and other states, however, have special rules that apply to non-compete agreements among physicians and practice groups.

At Jones & Keller, members of our Healthcare practice help physicians and practice groups create employment agreements that fairly protect their future interests. When it comes time for doctors and practice groups to part company, our attorneys are often able to craft solutions that protects the practice group’s legitimate market share, while minimizing the departing physician’s payment of damages. If a negotiated solution cannot be reached, our attorneys are experienced in representing either side in litigation.

Our Healthcare attorneys have represented physicians and others involved in disputes over non-compete agreements specific to the Healthcare industry. Our attorneys have worked in in the Labor/Civil Rights Unit of the Colorado Attorney General’s Office and served as co-chair of the Employment Law Section of the Boulder County Bar Association.

For more information about how our healthcare lawyers can help you with your employment issues and disputes, please contact Jones & Keller at 303-573-1600