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Diversity & Inclusion with Marika Rietsema Ball

September 03, 2021
Marika Rietsema Ball on Law Light podcast series, diversity and inclusion

Marika Rietsema Ball discusses leaving fear behind, effective leadership and the value of an inclusive workplace on Law Light.

Marika Rietsema Ball, an Associate at Jones & Keller, joined Law Light as a featured guest for the Diversity & Inclusion series. Marika and host Melinda Delmonico, President & CEO of Gibson Arnold, discuss:

  • Contemporary issues in hiring and retaining diverse attorneys in the legal field
  • How companies and employees can learn from mistakes
  • What inclusivity in the workplace can mean to BIPOC employees, or minority employees, and the entire organization
  • How inclusivity can be improved by being diverse
  • What makes a good leader for Diversity & Inclusion
  • Hopes for the future

Listen in: Law Light