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Paul Vorndran Wins Securities and Exchange Commission Lawsuit

October 27, 2023

Denver, Colorado – October 25, 2023

DISMISSED: U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s Lawsuit Against SkiHawk Capital Partners, LLC and its Principals

We are thrilled to announce a significant legal victory on behalf of our clients SkiHawk Capital Partners, LLC, The Convergence Group, LLC, Clement Borkowski, Sean Hawkins, and Joseph Schiff. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) lawsuit, which alleged securities fraud in connection with the management of three private investment funds, has been dismissed. Attorney Paul Vorndran, Shareholder with Denver firm Jones & Keller, P.C., mounted a vigorous defense in federal court in the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado. After an exhaustive legal battle, the SEC ultimately acknowledged the merit of the defenses put forth by Mr. Vorndran and stipulated to the dismissal of all claims against our clients.

The SECs allegations encompassed a wide range of accusations, including claims of overvalued assets within the funds, failure to disclose conflicts of interest, and other misrepresentations to investors, all in alleged violation of the federal securities laws. Our legal defense was resolute in demonstrating that the disclosure documents provided to investors fully and accurately described the alleged conflicts and asset values, directly contradicting the SEC’s assertions. Furthermore, our defense pointed out our clients’ reliance on the advice of their prior counsel and the audits of top CPA firms.

Our dedicated legal team invested significant effort into analyzing all pertinent facts, meticulously briefing the legal issues, and demonstrating to the SEC that it would be unable to prove any of the ten claims brought in its complex securities fraud complaint. This dismissal underscores the importance of a thorough and strategic defense. This rare outcome is a remarkable testament to our unwavering commitment to provide a tireless and aggressive defense to vindicate our clients.

Jones & Keller, P.C. would like to express its gratitude to all parties involved in achieving this exceptional, favorable outcome. We remain dedicated to defending our clients’ rights and interests with the utmost dedication and legal expertise.

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Paul Vorndran
Jones & Keller, P.C.