Nicole Westbrook to Teach Deposition Skills at NITA

November 07, 2019
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Join NITA instructor Nicole Westbrook as she shares deposition skills that get results.

Deposition Skills: Rocky Mountain

December 5, 2019 – December 7, 2019

NITA Education Center  1685 38th Street   Boulder, CO 80301


Can you walk into a deposition convinced you’ll get the information you need and secure the admissions you want from the opposition? Or if it’s your witness being deposed, do you know how to prepare them for the experience and protect them from falling into traps? These are some of the skills you’ll hone when you take a Deposition Skills program from the National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA).

For nearly fifty years, we’ve offered advocacy training taught by a veritable “who’s who” of advocacy experts—trial lawyers, judges, and law professors—from across the country, volunteers who donate their time and dedicate it to your professional development.

The Rocky Mountain Deposition Skills Program uses a format that blends online presentations with performance-based workshops. Participants watch skills presentations in advance of or during the evening while the program is in session. This award-winning process allows for more in-class performances and program days that end earlier than at other NITA deposition courses. Download the course brochure.

Rocky Mountain Deposition Skills.NITA


There’s no better place for you to practice what we preach than in a NITA deposition room. Our brief lectures and demonstrations will provide a solid base of knowledge and familiarity with deposition practice. Learn to:

•  Use the Funnel Technique to exhaust a witness’s knowledge

•  Identify other potential sources of information

•  Close off avenues of escape

•  Work with documents and exhibits to gather information, refresh memory, and impeach a witness

•  Test your potential theories—legal, factual, and persuasive

•  Deal with opposing counsel’s objections

• Manage difficult witnesses, counsel, and clients

• Become “comfortable with being uncomfortable” in the unpredictability of a deposition

And for those times when you’re on the opposite side of the table—defending a deposition—you’ll discover how to prepare your witness both substantively and emotionally for the experience while sharpening your own listening skills and instincts.


Then it’s time to take the stage, practicing each of these skills in a series of simulated depositions and witness preparation exercises. You’ll get personalized coaching to help you immediately improve your skills. But unlike an actual deposition, where the outcome is real, with NITA you get to make instant course corrections and practice them again—with only your old habits at stake. NITA’s “learning-by-doing” method, when practiced in the safe harbor of the NITA deposition room, allows you to take calculated risks and perform under pressure, without ever jeopardizing your client’s case or your own reputation.

After three days with NITA, you’ll return to your office empowered to make immediate use of everything you’ve learned—real-time skills that will serve you well. You will leave the course a better lawyer.


Whether you are a seasoned trial attorney, brand new to your practice, or anywhere in between, attending a NITA deposition skills course will give you the training you need to be a better advocate. Our world-class faculty will work with you on an individual level, helping develop the tools you need to succeed and to refine a style and approach that is unique to you.

Scholarships are available for this program through The NITA Foundation. Information on how to apply for a scholarship, is here.


– Lectures on deposition-taking techniques by NITA faculty members who comprise a veritable “who’s who” in the trial practice world.

– Role-playing depositions in which you depose, defend, and prepare witnesses played by professional actors.

– One-on-one personalized feedback on your performance from our expert faculty.

– NITA books that are yours to keep: an exhaustive text on depositions and a case file written specifically for Deposition Skills programs.

*Qualifies as one credit toward the NITA Advocate Designation